allpro bird control

Pigeon/Bird Control, Abatement, Clean-Up, Removal AND Prevention…

All Pro is proud to serve the Discovery Bay area.

We offer convenient, effective bird control solutions. Don't let bird nesting, roosting and ruining your property. We handle your bird problems in just one application! Not only will the birds infesting your property be gone for good, but new flocks are completely discouraged from moving in.

Our total bird control services include not only our complete bird control solutions, but a thorough bird-clean as well. Before every bird proofing application we handle the mess with a thorough clean up of the area including removing bird waste, nest and other debris. Included in your bird control visit are:

  • Eliminate Pigeons from Nesting and Roosting
  • Waste Removal and Clean-Up
  • Pressure washing of contaminated areas
  • Gutter and Down Spout Cleaning
  • Complete Job site cleanup includes:Roof-tops, roof-peaks, gutter lines, underneath eaves, window sills, and down below on cement, drive way, walkways and patios.

Five Year Performance and Installation Guarantee.

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allpro bird control